The Personal Front

I have to say I’m a pretty good athlete when I’m playing by myself, but put me in a court or on the field with talented competitors and my tenuous grasp on hand eye coordination falls apart immediately. As soon as someone is pushing against me or waving a hand in my face my obvious lack of ability and determination is reveled. Do we quit when the devil starts waving his hand in our face? – God sometimes allows opposition so that we might prove what John says in 1 John 4:4 “the One who is in you in greater than he is in the world” .

Every believer sooner or later will discover that the Christian life is a battleground, not a playground, and that we face an enemy who is much stronger than we are, apart from the Lord victory is not possible.

The Spirit of God enables us to participate in Christ’s victory. However, unless we know who the enemy is, where he is, and what he can do, we will have a difficult time defeating him.

Christians battle an enemy that will not collapse or quit until the Lord returns, we have been given rules of engagement that we must follow for our own spiritual preservation, as our foe is the most formidable of them all.

This Sunday we will follow the remarkable story of one woman, and mother, that sets for us a powerful example of how to prepare for a fight much bigger than we are.


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