Titus: The Structure of a Healthy Church.

The last New Testament letters written by Paul, before his death during Nero’s reign, are Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus, which make up what we call the “pastoral epistles.” As the church is being established, the Apostle Paul writes to a young preacher named Titus. Titus 1:5 tells us that Titus was left behind in Crete so that he could “put what remained into order”. This short letter is saturated with encouragement and wisdom that is just as relevant for the church today as it was in first century.

Titus provides us with a realistic picture of the church with all its needs and shortcomings. Not shockingly, there were some who were attempting to take advantage of grace, and others trying to earn it. Paul felt it necessary to instruct Titus, and the Christians in Crete, on what exactly needed to be done to carry on faithful gospel ministry in the local church. Paul reminded Titus that the church is to be shaped by and saturated with the Gospel.

Throughout this series, we will learn what God’s Word has to say regarding matters of church leadership, sound doctrine, Christian discipleship, and devotion. We’ll see how we are to live as Christian men and women, how to deal with false teaching and divisiveness, and the importance of fluency in the Biblical Scripture.

Although written to a minister, this letter is not just for church leaders, but for all Christians. Some men are called to become elders, and others are called to the vocation of preaching and teaching, all people are called to the same characteristics of Godliness.


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