Tough Love – To the Church in Thyatira

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Two women were loading up their cars after a trip to the grocery store. As they were putting their groceries into their neighboring cars, one of the women couldn’t help but notice the pained expression on the others face and simply said, “Jesus loves you.” The woman said, “Thank you so much. So many people have told me that lately.” Her seven-word response changed the trajectory of that woman’s life forever. She simple said “Jesus wants you to love Him back.” The hurting woman started attending church, was overwhelmed by the love and support she felt there, and was soon set free from decades of abuse and sinful habits. She now travels and speaks and writes about the freedom she found in the truth of Jesus. But she had to be confronted with truth. Jesus loves you, but are you loving Him back?

The love chapter in Corinthians tell us that love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. — 1 Corinthians 13:6 Just as love and kindness and patience and the other fruit of the Spirit are inseparable from each other, so truth is connected to love. Walking in the truth of Jesus is simply loving God in all the ways He first loved us.

Our generation finds it difficult to understand that God hates sin. God hates sin just as a father hates a cottonmouth that threatens the safety and life of his child. God reacts toward evil that would pull people down to a godless eternity just as a mother hates a venomous spider that is found playing on her little baby. It is God’s love for man, His compassion for the human race that prompts God to hate sin with such a vengeance. As Jesus addresses the Church in Thyatira his language is strong but it is driven by his intense love for His Church and Christians everywhere.

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