Understanding the Famine

Times of plenty and times of need have often been a part of the story of human existence. We are often quick to forget the times of abundance and feel abandoned in times of need; God is working in both seasons, his blessings are more apparent in times of plenty, but his grace is often more apparent in the famine.

As our text opens, we find ourselves in the seven-year famine that had spread throughout the entire region. Joseph’s brothers, who had long since succeeded in putting him out of their minds, turned up in Egypt too, looking for something to eat because they too were affected by famine. Joseph knew who they were right off, but because he was wearing his royal attire and speaking Egyptian, they didn’t recognize him.

All too often, we are like businesses that were ravaged by bombs during World War II. The owners would often clear away the rubbish and place a sign out front that said, “Business as usual.” However, When God saves us, His desire is that we would put out a sign that says, “Under new management.” The ordinary has been swept away by the extraordinary, and this process often happens in the famine. How was God working in this famine, not only to provide for the physical needs of the children of Israel but, even more importantly, their spiritual needs as well?

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