There are things in life which catch us all a little off guard some times. I love the story of Long-time actress and comedienne Gracie Allen once received a small but very alive alligator as a gag. Not knowing what to do with it, Gracie placed it in the bathtub and then left for an appointment. When she returned home, she found this note from her maid: “Dear Miss Allen: Sorry, but I have quit. I don’t work in houses where there is an alligator. I’d a told you this when I took on, but I never thought it would come up. Good thing she didn’t go to camp in Louisiana a few years ago!!

While life can often hand us the unexpected God is a master at it. When we read the stories in the Bible we often fail to recognize just how strange some of them are. We would never use those people, or that situation, or that approach, but God does and will again. So often when we see hopeless God sees possible but from an angle we would never see without his leading. This Sunday we will explore yet another story of radical change in the book of Acts. A moment that will have one of the most profound effects on the Church and the new testament itself.


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