Code Blue – The Church at Sardis.

Scientists studied a native tribe in South America whose people have been dying prematurely for generations. After a thorough investigation, the cause of premature death was determined. The disease was transmitted by an insect that lived in the walls of their adobe homes.

This knowledge presented several options. They could move to another area where such insects did not exist, tear down their homes and rebuild them, use insecticide to rid their homes of the bugs, or, continue as they have and die early. Surprisingly, these people have opted to remain as they are and do nothing about their problem.

Many people behave similarly. They know how to be saved, but they opt to remain unchanged.

Still, others are like a climber who laid down and died on Mt Washington. She was so close to the top that she could almost hit it with a stone. A hundred steps more and she would have reached the shelter she sought, but she did not know this. Disheartened by the storm, beaten in body, and distressed in spirit, she was at the end of her courage. She could not see a step ahead, so she lay down and died one hundred steps from her goal.

Jesus warned the Church of Sardis that while others thought they were alive they were slipping away, and now was the moment to do something about it!


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