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Spiritual Focus

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Henry Ford, most famous for implementing and the assembly line process to automobile manufacture and starting Ford motor company, wrote the following about distraction “A weakness of all human beings, is trying to do too many things at once. That scatters effort and destroys direction. It makes for haste, and haste makes waste. So we do things all the wrong ways possible before we come to the right one. Then we think it is the best way because it works, and it was the only way left that we could see. Every now and then I wake up in the morning headed toward that finality, with a dozen things I want to do. I know I can’t do them all at once.”

When asked what he did about that, Ford replied, “I go out and trot around the house. While I’m running off the excess energy that wants to do too much, my mind clears and I see what can be done and should be done first.”

This past Sunday we discussed the dangers associated with distration, the week we will explore ways to make certain that we keep our eye on the goal and keep the main thing the main thing!!


Author: Jason Corder