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A Clean Fight in a Dirty World.

A Clean Fight in a Dirty World.


Every generation takes its turn living on the seismic fault-line where past and present meet together. When cultural pressure builds high enough the foundations of society begin to shake, and it seems that the upheaval between old and new has never been so fast and violent as it is today. Change is the order of the day. Facts that once were considered indisputable have been discarded, and the effect on our culture and the Church is real.  The majority of young adults believe that there are no absolute truths. The only thing for sure is that tomorrow will be different.

Living the Christian life in this context is not easy. It’s important for us to remember that the reason for this conflict isn’t just a sociological disagreement, but the effects of a spiritual battle that exists between the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. As a result, this beautiful world that God made has become morally and spiritually dirty, and it’s not going to get any better.

Moral and spiritual pollution is everywhere. Usually, it’s easy to see the enemy without, but not all of us recognize the enemy within. This Sunday we are going to explore Jude’s advice on how to equip ourselves to fight clean in a dirty world.