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A Compelling Mission

A Compelling Mission


Sociology professor Anthony Campolo recalls a deeply moving incident that happened in a Christian junior high camp where he served. One of the campers, a boy with spastic paralysis, was the object of heartless ridicule. When he asked question, the other boys deliberately answered in a halting, mimicking way. One night, his cabin group chose him to lead the devotions before the entire camp. It was one more effort to have some “fun” at his expense. Unashamedly, the spastic boy stood up, and in his strained, slurred manner — each word coming with enormous effort — he said simply, “Jesus loves me, and I love Jesus!” That was all. Conviction fell upon those junior-highers. Many began to cry. Revival gripped the camp. Years afterward, Campolo still meets men in the ministry who came to Christ because of that testimony.

Often, the most convicting moments are not surrounded by brilliance or the  abundance of ability; rather, they are made with an abundance of conviction. This Sunday, we will follow Jonah’s path as he preaches in one of the most feared cities of his day and watch as his simple message transforms one of the most fierce and dark cultures of the ancient world!