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From Jude With Love!

From Jude With Love!


John Phillips once told the story of a young Indian brave in New Mexico that fell in love with a young girl.This created a problem since she lived on the other side of the reservation and the distance between them was significant. In order to communicate with each other, they revived the ancient tradition of sending smoke signals. The brave would send smoke signals to his love and she would reply in the same manner. After a while, communication by smoke signals caught on across the reservation. It became somewhat of a pastime for people to sit outside to see what people were saying.

While this “renaissance” in communication occurred, the United States tested its first atomic bomb. An old Indian man that was sitting on the front porch with his wife looked up at the massive mushroom cloud and said, “Huh. I wish I would have said that.”

This morning we will begin a new series through the book of Jude. Scarcely 25 verses in length it carries a powerful punch as Jude addresses timeless challenges that face the Church from within, A communication that is clear yet often troubling, a book framed with words of comfort while delivering a powerful challenge!