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Introduction to Colossians

Introduction to Colossians

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We often are wrong when we assume that the ancient Church dealt with completely different challenges than we do today. People are people, and human nature can turn us away from the Lord if we aren’t deliberate about staying connected. In the first century, the church at Colossae was under attack from false teachers seeking to persuade them that the person and work of Jesus Christ was not unique or essential.

False teachers were trying to chip away at the deity and authority of Christ, convincing the church at Colossae that Christ wasn’t sufficient to conquer the evil corruption of the world. So while he was under house arrest awaiting trial in Rome, Paul wrote the book of Colossians, giving us the single most concentrated teaching on the theology of “Christ.” Jesus is the answer for everything. He is supreme. He is sufficient. He is the one who has saved us from sin and changed us into new, living creatures.

In this message we’ll explore the introduction and background to the book of Colossians, as well as a profound prayer Paul prays for this church that is just as relevant to the church today as it was 2000 years ago.