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Kingdoms – Following Jesus Series

Kingdoms – Following Jesus Series

I’m certain that we’ve all known a sports fanatic or two at some point in our lives. There is a huge difference between a fan and a fanatic. The fan follows and roots for a team. The fanatic centers their life on everything about the team. While the fan enjoys watching the games, the fanatic allows the games to influence and determine his emotions and well-being. In fact, the fanatic allows a team to influence their life in four main ways: king, culture, people, and place.

The king is the team’s coach or best player – the object of greatest attention and affection. The culture includes conversations, attire, and decorations that hang on the wall and cover their car. The people are their close friends and other fanatics with whom they share the team culture. The place is a stadium, restaurant, or home theater where they gather to watch the team perform.

Everyone on earth is a fanatic of something or someone without even necessarily being aware of it. God actually made us this way. We all have a king we love to live for, a culture we enjoy living within, a people we love living with, and a place we love going to most. Jesus life illustrated with whom, in what, and where our passions should be found. He does so in his teaching, but even clearer he proclaims it with his life.