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Love the Kids

Love the Kids

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There’s an old story about two young children who were standing on the corner, bragging about who had moved from state to state the most. One little boy said, “My family has moved three times in the last three years.”Love-the-Kids
“Hey!” said the other little boy. “That’s nothing. My parents have moved five times this year — and I found them every time!”
Anyone who has been a parent, even for a little while, knows the challenge that is ours when we accept that new created life into our homes. Parenthood is long, sleepless nights, sacrifices of time and money, amazing decisions, and silent tears. Maybe more than many other life experience, caring for children teaches us what it means to truly love. A lesser person might move away from the challenge and responsibility, but love keeps us there. This Sunday, we will explore advice given by the greatest father to every person who finds himself or herself loving a child.