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The Greatest Reveal

The Greatest Reveal

Take a second and think of the storyline of your favorite movie or book that has a twist at the end. The next time you see or read that story, everything is different knowing the catch ahead of time. Remember how you felt when the twist was revealed, and what it was like to go back through the story knowing the truth. I’m guessing that the storyline would not have been nearly as enjoyable without the hidden twist coming at the end, and that’s the reason why we respond to stories like that.

God did something similar in the Old Testament story. He wrote a remarkable storyline that contained a veiled, but key bit of information. Every plot, character, and event of His story, point God’s people in some way to the coming of His Son, Jesus. We discover the twist in the New Testament, which helps make sense of the whole Old Testament’s story. This morning we’ll look deeper at how the twist is unveiled.