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Unexpected Guests

The telling of Christ’s birth can be such a familiar and common story that we miss the significance of it. For thousands of years, the Israelites had been looking for the coming Messiah. There, in Bethlehem, by the miraculous power of God, a young virgin named Mary gave birth to the savior of the world. Quite possibly the most…

An Unexpected Change

Have you ever stopped to consider what it must have been like to be in Mary and Joseph’s shoes? Think about their situation. Mary is a humble and Godly woman anticipating marriage to a great guy. No doubt her youthful mind was filled with wedding plans, and dreams of what their new life might be…

Unexpected Family

It was the year 1809. The world stage was set with tragedy and heartache. Napoleon was sweeping through Europe inflicting terror and spilling the blood of thousands. Nobody stopped to care about new births yet they were missing some spectacular arrivals.   For example, William Gladstone was born that year. He would become one of England’s…