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Bob Blanshan

The Next Generation

Kings and commoners alike, every generation has to learn who the King of kings is. Psalm 102.12 says, “But You, O Lord, are enthroned forever; You are remembered throughout all generations.”

1,460,001 Days Until Christmas

In my living room right now there is a gift with my name on it. It’s from my brother-in-law and I know it has at least one book in it, but I do not know what book it is. The old pick-it-up-and-shake-it method did not help this year. If you know me, than you know…

The Discomfort Zone

So often we cling to what is comfortable, but the Bible warns us that comfort is dangerous. For the disciples, the boat seemed like the safest place in the storm. But when Peter saw Jesus, he realized that it was safer with Jesus than in his comfort zone.

Hear God Speak

Sometimes in our dark valleys we feel that God is silent, but in Psalm 19, David makes it clear that He speaking loud and clear. God is speaking to us in four different ways if we will only listen. Bob Blanshan

Church People

The Church is a family. The Church is God’s sheep. The Church is Jesus’ bride. The Church is not perfect and it’s full of imperfect people. In the last few paragraphs of II Timothy Paul talks about the people he new in the Church, and gives us a lot to think about about the Church…

Daniel: Serving God in a Secular World

Long before Daniel faced the lions, he faced a culture that did not know God.  He knew what it was like to be the minority faith in a powerful nation.  His example and life lessons are needed now more than ever, and can serve as a guide for those who choose to follow Christ as…

Can I Ask You A Question?

Philosophy is all about finding the answers to life’s biggest questions.  Philosophers want to know why we are here and what is the purpose and meaning of life.  They seek answers, but they also seek the right questions.Around 400 B.C. lived the famous philosopher, Socrates.  He began a famous school of philosophy, and taught Plato…