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The Departure

Categories: Bible,Events,Podcast,Sermons

Grandma and Grandpa stood with the two boys as they watched Mom and Dad board an American Airline’s jet which would fly them for a vacation to the Caribbean. The boys searched the small plane windows and finally found their parents who were waving a fond farewell. They watched as the plane began to taxi to the runway. They watched as the plane began its take off. They saw the huge streams of smoke flowing from the jet engines. They saw that majestic silver bird soar into the sky. They gazed into the gray-blue sky as the jet climbed and slowly flew out of sight. They stood watching when they couldn’t see anymore. Then they turned and began the walk back to the car for their return ride home and the joy and excitement of having Grandma and Grandpa with them for awhile.”

Every Journey always includes a goodbye, to move from one place in life to another we must leave something behind. The Exodus story is about a transition, a transition from slavery to freedom, a transition from darkness to light, a transition from personal oppression to personal responsibility. This Sunday we will examine the events the lead up to the eventful departure from Egypt and glean lessons which are still viable today.


Author: Jason Corder