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It’s a space we will all occupy at one or more times in our life.  We’re no longer where we once were whether that place might be slavery to sin, serious illness, marital disruptions, or countless other scenarios, but were certainly not yet in the promise land either.  This is a place we call the Land between.  SoTLB1me of us have spent a considerable amount of our lives in this place, others find ourselves there now, and still others will be there someday in the future.   Although we hate it, we find that it’s in this environment we grow the most, learn to truly depend on God, and firmly establish our convictions about God and His word. 

  In the Old Testament book of exodus the Bible chronicles the working of our heavenly father with his chosen people through this period.  Between slavery in the land of Egypt to the freedom of the land of Promise God forges a nation in the wilderness.  From the lessons they experienced we will learn how to navigate our wilderness periods in the “Land Between”.