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The Resurrection Changes Everything!

Categories: Bible,Blog,Events,Podcast,Sermons

Someone once noted that what happened as a result of the Resurrection is unprecedented in human history. In the span of a few hundred years, a small band of seemingly insignificant believers succeeded in turning an entire empire upside down. ‘They faced the tyrant’s brandished steel, the lion’s gory mane, and the fires of a thousand deaths,’ because they were utterly convinced that they, like their Lord, would one day rise from the grave in glorified, resurrected bodies.”

In reality, the manger or the cross is of little value without the resurrection. But the manger plus the cross added to the resurrection, equal on an opportunity for each of us that defies imagination. The chance to be forgiven of our sins and given a place in the family of God. Moreover, we are provided with the hope that one day we will be raised again as Christ rose to eternal life.

A man and his five-year-old son were driving past a cemetery and noticed a large pile of dirt next to a freshly dug grave when the little boy said, “Look, Dad, one got out!”

This Sunday we celebrate the one who the grave could not hold, and look forward to the day when all the faithful in Christ rise as Jesus did for the Glory of our God.

Author: Jason Corder