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Things = Happiness

Categories: Bible,Events,Podcast,Sermons

Things bought at garage sales don’t usually end up on the evening news, but a Chinese bowl bought by a New York family in 2007, became famous in April of 2013. The new owners paid just three dollars for what turned out to be a bowl from the Northern Song Dynasty that was more than one thousand years old. Until someone told them what they really had, the family had the bowl stuck on the mantle over their fireplace. When they placed the bowl with Sotheby’s Auction House for sale, it was estimated to go for approximately $200,000. Instead, a dealer from London purchased it for more than $2,000,000!

Why would the first owners sell something so valuable for just $3? The answer is that they didn’t appreciate what it was worth. We may shake our heads at that, but the truth is that every day men and women give up things far more valuable than money could buy for something that is ultimately worthless.

Time and time again we are told lies about the real value of things in this world. we’re told our wealth is a measure of our worth. or that our wealth is the source of our security. We believe that contentment is just around the corner, if only I get this next thing then I’ll be happy.

Author: Jason Corder