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Abiding Vision

Abide in the vision

A number of years ago, an artist was working on a great mural. This was to be his life’s masterpiece. He had set up a scaffold and was standing upon it, painting the background of the picture. A friend quietly came into the studio and stood in the rear of the room, looking at the work….


New Series entitled “ABIDE”

Almost every Christian is familiar with the Great Commission found in Matthew 28. However, we are less familiar with the phrase that comes after this command.  It’s found at the end of Matthew 28:20. Jesus has just laid out the challenging task of making disciples of all nations, baptizing and teaching others, saying, “Take everything I have…



This Sunday, we will look at the definitive event of human history. What happened as a result of the resurrection has undeniably altered the course of human history. In just the span of a few years, a band of seemingly insignificant followers succeeded in turning an entire world upside down. They faced tyrannical emperors, arenas…


The Cross

We live in a time of unprecedented change. As a culture, we have a constant desire for something new and different, and the bug of discontent has affected the church, as well. It seems that many are moving away from the timeless message of salvation through the blood of Jesus toward a message of salvation through…

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